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The Dramatized Old Testament - Audio Series on CD

The Dramatized Old Testament - Audio Series on CD

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The Dramatized Old Testament teaches many of the well known and the lesser-known stories of the Old Testament in an entertaining audio drama. You'll be with Samson as he destroys the Philistine temple and the Israelite spies as they escape Jericho with the help of Rahab.

This amazing series recreates the beloved stories of faith for your enjoyment and study at home and in the car. Abraham, Moses, Ruth and all the great men and women throughout the pages of the Old Testament are brought to life through the talent of exceptional voice actors in the finest production of its kind. 68 stories on 36 CDs.

Includes month of free Living Scriptures Streaming
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68 stories on 36 CDs.

1. Adam and Eve
  2. Abel and Cain
  3. Noah and the Ark
  4. Nimrod and the Tower
  5. Abraham and Sarah
  6. Abraham and Lot
  7. Abraham and Isaac
  8. Jacob and Esau
  9. Jacob's Wives
  10. Joseph the Dreamer
  11. Joseph in Prison
  12. Joseph the Prince
  13. Slaves in Egypt
  14. Moses the Prince
  15. Moses the Shepherd
  16. The Plagues
  17. The Passover
  18. The Red Sea
  19. Manna
  20. Judgment
  21. Ten Commandments
  22. The Golden Calf
  23.The Ark of the Covenant
  24. I Wish All Were Prophets
  25. Forty Years in the Wilderness
  26. Spies in Canaan
  27. The Rod and the Rock
  28. The Bronze Serpent
  29. By the River Jordan
  30. Balaam's Donkey
  31. Spies in Jericho
  32. Jordan and Jericho
  33. As for Me and My House
  34. The Time of the Judges
  35. Samson and Gideon
  36. Delilah and Ruth
  37. Job
  38. Dagon and the Ark
  39. A King for Israel
  40. The Reluctant King
  41. A Taste of Honey
  42. The Disobedient King
  43. The Harp and the Sling
  44. The Javelin and the Arrow
  45. Nob and Keilah
  46. The Cloak and the Spear
  47. The Witch of Endor
  48. David is King
  49. Bathsheba
  50. Absalom
  51. Worthy to Be King
  52. Solomon the Wise
  53. A Nation Divided
  54. Jezebel
  55. Elijah and the Widow
  56. Fire from Heaven
  57. A Still, Small Voice
  58. The Chariot of Fire
  59. Prophets and Kings
  60. Isaiah
  61. Jonah
  62. Jeremiah and Ezekiel
  63. The King's Food
  64. Daniel and the King's Dream
  65. The Fiery Furnace
  66. The Lion's Den
  67. Esther
  68. From Babylon to Jerusalem 

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