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The Animated Book of Mormon 25th Anniversary Edition

The Animated Book of Mormon 25th Anniversary Edition

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The Keystone Series: Reading the Book of Mormon can be difficult for children to understand and visualize. The Animated Book of Mormon 13 DVD series lets your family see Ammon's service, hear the Savior's voice, and feel Abinidi's testimony, opening the door for them to more deeply understand the life-changing principles of each story.

13 DVDs
Includes 6 months of free Living Scriptures Streaming
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  • Nephi and the Brass Plates
  • Ammon, Missionary to the Lamanites
  • The Savior in America
  • The Tree of Life
  • Alma and the Zoramites
  • The Brother of Jared
  • Journey to the Promised Land
  • Helaman’s Stripling Warriors
  • Mormon and Moroni
  • Abinadi and King Noah
  • Samuel the Lamanite
  • The Joseph Smith Story
  • The Conversion of Alma the Younger

A total of 13 DVDs

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