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The Dramatized Golden Plates - Audio Download

The Dramatized Golden Plates - Audio Download

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Experience the faith-building stories in the Book of Mormon with The Dramatized Golden Plates. This series recreates the faith-building stories of people like Lehi, Nephi, Abinadi, Alma, Samuel the Lamanite, Helaman and the Stripling Warriors, General Mormon and his son Moroni.

From Ammon’s humble mission among the Lamanites to the triumphant appearance of the resurrected Savior, you'll greatly enjoy these 48 engaging stories.

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510 MB
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48 stories, Nearly 13 hours of content!

1. Flight into the Desert
2. The Brass Plates of Laban
3. The Liahona
4. The Tree of Life
5. Nephi Builds the Ship
6. The Power of the Lord
7. Opposition in All Things
8. Nephites and Lamanites
9. Tame & Wild Olive Tree
10. Sherem's Denial of Christ
11. The Conversion of Enos
12. King Benjamin
13. Abinadi Condemns Noah
14. The Death of Abinadi
15. The Conversion of Alma
16. The Lord Delivers Alma...
17. Limhi's Struggle for Freedom
18. Alma the Younger...
19. Nehor, Enemy of the Church
20. Alma & the Church
21. Amulek Versus Zeezrom
22. Zeezrom Repents
23. Ammon in the Land of Ishmael
24. Aaron in the Land of Nephi
25. The Anti-Nephi-Lehies
26. Korihor, Antichrist
27. The Rameumptom
28. The Poor Without a Church
29. Preparation For War
30. General Moroni & Zerahemnah
31. Flag of Liberty
32. Helaman and the 2000 Warriors
33. Moroni's Misunderstanding...
34. Nephi & Lehi, Missionaries...
35. Power and Prophecies of Nephi...
36. Samuel, the Lamanite Prophet
37. Nephi & The Signs...
38. Lachoneus & Gidgiddoni...
39. Destruction at the Death of Christ
40. Christ's Appearance in America
41. Jesus Blesses the Children
42. The Teachings of Jesus
43. Mormon Refuses to Lead...
44. The Brother of Jared
45. Secret Combinations...
46. Ether & Coriantumr
47. Hill Cumorah...
48. Moroni's Lonely Watch

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